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Magiw - July 29, 2008

Stormfyre's Wizzie 1.5 Epic Drop
A quick post to congratulate Stormfyre on his epic 1.5 drop from Girplan Guardian in WoS tonight. We had a great fight with a bunch of friends from the old days and now! Good job all and good luck on the next battles!  
Magiw - June 15, 2008

LoV Recruiting!
"Legion of Vengeance is a band of buccaneers firmly committed to the idea that the quality of our time together adventuring in Norrath and it's environs is much more important than the speed with which we cut through content or towards uber loot. We are mature, reasonable, and responsible people who have real life commitments and family that are our priorities over this fun phantasm known as 'EQ.'

We are governed as a collectivist, anarchical syndicate. With this approach, we rest comfortably in the notion that we serve well all of our members and that all have input in what we do as a guild. We are helpful and loyal, perhaps to a fault, trying to achieve the goals of all our members.

We are now rebuilding. We have, in the past, worked on progression, particularly spell progression, from DoN, DoDh, and PoR, as well as epic 1.5 completion. We are currently working on the one groupable armor mold/pattern quests from TSS for equipment upgrades. As we rebuild, we intend to return to our old haunts, as well as exploring the small raid content available throughout Norrath. We also have several dedicated tradeskillers with significant skills, who are willing to lend their knowledge and skills if they are needed to make things for guild members, such as spells.

If you are a mature, reasonable, and responsible person and interested in our vision of EQ, then we hope you will click on the recruitments tab and fill out an application or go to our rosters page and find an officer you can contact in game. Hope to see you soon."

Kilazul - June 07, 2008

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